Licensing Requirements

The Kentucky Real Estate Commission (KREC), with offices in Louisville, is responsible for protecting the public interest regarding all real estate transactions.

The requirements for a real estate salesperson license in Kentucky include having a high school diploma or GED.

In order to take the examination, the applicant must submit to a criminal background check. Those who currently or have ever held a license in another state must also include a License Certification from that state. All applicants for the Kentucky salesperson license must pass the real estate examinations. Once passed, the applicant must apply for the license within 60 days or forfeit the examination results. Real estate salespersons are exempt from the continuing education requirements during the first calendar year in which they are licensed.

The Kentucky License Requirements for an Agent:iStock_000018207476Large

  • Minimum age – 18 years old.
  • 96 approved classroom hours
  • High school diploma or GED
  • No felony convictions at any time
  • No misdemeanors within the last 5 years
  • Pass State Exam

The Indiana License Requirements for an Agent:

  • Minimum age – 18 years old
  • No felony convictions at any time
  • License school – 90 hours/23 classes
  • Pass three exams

How hard is it to get your Real Estate license?

If you are thinking of getting your real estate license, you want to know how hard it is to get your license.  That is a difficult question to answer, because Kentucky and Indiana have different licensing laws and requirements.  However typical study materials and classes will help you be prepared and know what to expect when getting your real estate license in Kentucky or Indiana.

How long does it take to get your Real Estate license?

In Indiana you must take 90 hours of real estate education before you can take the Indiana real estate exam.  In Kentucky you must take 96 hours of real estate education before you can take the Kentucky real estate exam.

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