Getting Started

Imagine working for yourself in a flexible career where you can set your own schedule with annual earning potential of $100,000 or more. There are so many reasons to start a career in real estate. But, nothing worth while comes easy, and a real estate career is no different. You’re an independent contractor and control your own book of business. You make the decisions. With a good attitude and solid work ethic, there are virtually no limits for the growth of your real estate business. Here are some facts about Real Estate Agents.

56529005Agents From All Types of Backgrounds and Careers.

  • 19% have some type of management or business experience
  • 15% have retail or sales experience
  • 9% have administrative experience
  • 7% have teaching experience
  • 6% have prior real estate experience
  • 4% have construction experience
  • 4% have healthcare experience
  • 4% are housewives
  • 3% come from the computer field

Becoming a Real Estate Agent is Similar to Starting a Small Business

You wear many hats that help run that business. Even though you will work within a brokerage, you need a small startup fund for business expenses and to cover several months of personal expenses while you build your client base. Franchise Versus Independent A franchise brokerage is like many of the fast food restaurant chains. Owners pay franchise fees and desire franchise benefits and structure. In independent brokerage is like a local home grown restaurant with no franchise fees.