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Knowing a brokerage company’s commission structure is important to every real estate agent.  Semonin uses an independent non-franchise style commission structure for our agents.  This commission split increases in your favor with the increase in the volume of real estate closings you complete.   Semonin does not charge a franchise fee.

New Agents

You commission split is something you will want to discuss with one of our managers during the interview process.  As your real estate business increases, your commission split (the portion you keep) will increase in your favor.

Experienced Agents

Experienced agents bring a wealth of knowledge and their passion for the real estate industry.  At Semonin we recognize your talent and want to offer you all the support you need to let you do what you do best: list and sell homes.  Let Semonin do the rest.  When you affiliate with Semonin, your closed volume with your former brokerage company will be used to determine your commission split.

See for yourself.  Experience the Semonin advantage by talking directly with us.

Recruiting Appreciation Program

All Semonin agents are eligible to earn additional income from our agent referral program where you can refer new and experienced agents to Semonin.  Enjoy the benefit of working with other agents you like while earning additional income from a referral.

Contact Semonin for the Details

We know the importance of Semonin’s commission structure in your decision process.  While the internet is the place to gather information about our company we feel commission structures are private confidential business information.  To learn more please contact any of our sales managers or Pam Catlett, Vice President of Recruiting